The Growing Tree, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Palm Harbor, is a Christian Pre-School and VPK provider that strives to enrich our students through:

  • Learning and Creativity
  • Educational and social experiences that encourage children to develop trust, self-esteem, initiative and social relatedness
  • An atmosphere which encourages children’s self knowledge and encourages them to develop their specific interests, talents, and creativity
  • Learning experiences that help children learn to respond positively to the needs and rights of others while maintaining the freedom to be themselves; and opportunities to develop close friendships with other children
  • Experiences that foster good family relationships and relate the child’s school experience to ongoing family life
  • Opportunity to grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Safe, stimulating physical environment with ample materials and equipment to encourage children’s growth and development in all areas
  • Adequate evaluation of each child’s development as an aid to the school and family in planning for the changing needs of the child, as well as, readiness for formal education.

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