Student Behavior Policy

Our Student Behavior Policy is in place to ensure that all Growing Tree students learn and reach their potential in a safe, nurturing environment.

A family will be asked to withdraw their child from The Growing Tree if at any time the child’s behavior is determined to be detrimental to the child or others with whom the child has contact.  The Director and the child’s teacher in consultation with the family will make such a decision.

A three-step discipline policy will be used:

First, a verbal communication between teacher, child and child’s parent or guardian discussing the inappropriate behavior and methods used to correct such behavior.

Second, a meeting/conference between Director, teacher and child’s parent or guardian.  During this meeting, parent or guardian will be asked to sign an agreement indicating what corrective action will be taken within a specified time before dismissal actions are necessary.

Third, Director will notify parent/guardian asking them to withdraw their child from The Growing Tree due to behavioral problems that were not corrected.