Discipline Policy

The Growing Tree defines discipline as the way the child is guided to become the kind of person who can successfully work and play in a group setting.  It is not simply something that is done to child to get him/her to “behave”.

In order to achieve this goal our teachers seek to:

  1. Set clear and consistent limits and remind children when they have reached those limits.
  2. Plan daily schedules and room arrangements to meet the needs of the preschool child.
  3. Reinforce positive behavior patterns of the child.
  4. Help children communicate what they are feeling or thinking in an acceptable way.
  5. Provide role models for the children by responding in a clam, but firm manner at appropriate times.
  6. Use positive statements that tell children exactly what they are expected to do.
  7. Teach children the skills of communication and interaction needed for solving their own problems.

These guidelines usually prevent most so called “discipline problems”.  If a child repeatedly responds in a negative manner to these methods, the teacher may feel it is necessary to separate him or her from the group for a “time out” period.  Persistent behavior problems will always be discussed with the parents.

Supportive, sensitive and caring teachers foster these traits in the children they teach.  Achieving classroom discipline, which meets the young child’s needs, guides them in developing self-control, our ultimate goal.